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To begin the Angel Appearance design process, please contact first. You will work directly with our designers with pictures and pricing.


For basic cost explanation, each angel merge is $55 ($35 for same angel in 2+ pictures). If you want two separate angels in a picture, each angel is $55. 


There is also gift card packaging (imagine angel feathers, a beautifully designed card, and wrapping) available for a $3 add-on for proper gift giving.


Tips for optimal design results: Include in the subject line your NAME and "ANGEL APPEARANCE PHOTOS." Attach the largest or highest resolution photos in JPG format (uncropped originals from camera or photographer are ideal). If using older prints where digital format is not available, please scan at 300dpi or higher, if possible. It is best to send multiple options to work with since not all photos will look realistic. For optimal blending, we suggest providing full length images where the angel is in similar attire and pose as the rest of the people. Optional: Provide a short message or quote (10-word maximum) given there is adequate space. Results will vary depending on the quality and composition of the provided images. Feel free to add any specific preferences/instructions. Once I receive your emails, I will forward the information directly to the design artists and serve as the liason between client and artists.


We will invoice you directly once we understand your design instrustions/requests. 

Angel Appearance Portrait Design Service

PriceFrom $3.00
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