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Mini display boxes are a great option to keep just a few of your flowers or give a gift to a special member who was a big part of your day.


Save crosages, parts of a centerpiece, or any special flowers in this box with a 5x7 opening. Due to the 2-inch depth of the box, not all flowers can be used in this display, and the items must be displayed as a small garden arrangment. 


Premade boxes do not go through a proofing process since we have to glue as we go. You'll have to trust us on these setups. 


Choose from a white or Vintage Romance (limited quantity). 


Shipping is NOT available for any floral arrangements, as they are too delicate, sentimental, irreplaceable, and priceless to risk shipping. You must pick up your final product.


Process takes ABOUT year from ORDER date. 

Mini Display Box

Choose Your Frame
  • Due to the customization of this product, returns, refunds, and exchanges are not accepted. 


    Clients are sent preview proofs of all work before pickups because we are not fans of broken hearts.

  • Floral preservation displays are pickup only. 

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