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Our newest display convext bubble display offers a flat back, hanging-only type of display. Flowers fit in a 16x20 encasement (18x22 estimated total size) with a 7-inch deep acrylic bubble to accomodate a full-size bouquet. 


Choose from a variety of frames and colors. When ordering, be sure to include your frame style, frame color, and background color (using the exact terms in the photos/catalog). PLEASE BE AWARE - OUR SUPPLIER IS CURRENTLY CHANGING AVAILABLE OPTIONS. ONLY STLES 14, 19, and 24 are available currently.


Since this item is fairly new to our collection, we are limited on in-person frame and background options and are slowly building our collection for you to see. 


Shipping is NOT available for any floral arrangements, as they are too delicate, sentimental, irreplaceable, and priceless to risk shipping. You must pick up your final product.


Process takes ABOUT year from ORDER date. 

Oval Bubble Display

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