Display your preserved flowers in a 11.5x15.6x11.6 glass display case (rectangle), with a mirrored back. This display is especially perfect for gift giving (and for larger bouquets), as it does not get sealed and contents can be added as needed. 


Flowers are mounted in display on a pedestal of our choice. 


Display case only comes in black. 


Shipping is NOT available for any floral arrangements, as they are too delicate, sentimental, irreplaceable, and priceless to risk shipping. You must pick up your final product.


Process takes ABOUT year from ORDER date. 



Package 3: Floral Preservation Display Case (Rectangle)

  • Due to the customization of this product, returns, refunds, and exchanges are not accepted. 


    Clients are sent preview proofs of all work before pickups because we are not fans of broken hearts.

  • Floral preservation displays are pickup only.