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Arrange your flowers in one-of-a-kind glass dome. Dome sizes and base options vary. Each display is custom created with your vision.Choose from pedestal or flat bases in a variety of color.

During consultation, we can discuss the size dome that will best fit your flowers. I can arrange the flowers to accomodate any size dome you prefer. Some dome base choices will involve an upgrade fee.

Arrangement of all special keepsake items are part of this package price. If you choose to put items in the dome, we will send you proofs of various display layouts. You can pick a setup or decide to move items until the dome is exactly what your heart desired. Nothing is glued until you fully approve the setup, although some parts of the setup must be arranged according to our process. We understand this dome is a special, forever piece.


Shipping is NOT available for any floral arrangements, as they are too delicate, sentimental, irreplaceable, and priceless to risk shipping. You must pick up your final product.


Process takes ABOUT year from ORDER date.

Large Dome Display

  • Due to the customization of this product, returns, refunds, and exchanges are not accepted. 


    Clients are sent preview proofs of all work before pickups because we are not fans of broken hearts.

  • Floral preservation displays are pickup only.

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