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Basic Information for Floral Preservation

After researching floral preservation while planning my own wedding, I realized that the cost of preserving my bridal bouquet would probably cost me my marriage! Instead I obsessively experimented on various flowers and began preserving for the swarms of friends getting married around the same time (my oldest preserved experimental bouquet is about 10 years old) . Now, I plan to take care of strangers' bouquets as if they are my own, especially since I remember the moment I caught the first glimspse of my flowers and clutched them as I walked down the aisle on my own wedding day. 

If you are looking to preserve a bouquet, contact me. I love getting to preserve such a special piece of the big day. 


Happy planning!

  • I fell in love with my flowers on the day of my wedding. Is it too late to set up an appointment to preserve?
    You may absolutely set up a last-minute appointment. Most of my brides don't realize how special their flowers are until they see the bouquet and fall in love. I call this effect "wedding magic." Click "schedule an appointment" to set up your dropoff.
  • How much does preservation cost?
    Don't Toss The Bouquet has packages that range anywhere from $150-$405, with upgrades available. Smaller items (ornaments, jewelry, mini displays) range from $25-$75. Package prices do not include sales tax. Client will pay $150+tax deposit. The remaining balance is due one month from dropoff. I take all forms of payment. I strive to remain an afforable option for Long Island brides.
  • I cannot be present to dropoff my flowers. Can someone else drop them off for me?
    Yes! Anyone can drop off your flowers. The person dropping off will sign the contract and be required to leave $150+tax deposit. If you want to take care of the contract and deposit beforehand, click "shop" via the website, add the "deposit" to your cart, and check out. Be sure to read the "Terms and Conditions" during checkout, as that's the contract and terms you agree to upon dropoff. Even though someone else may be dropping off for you, it is your responsiblity to read over the documentation I provide at dropoff regarding how the process works. If you need clarification on any information, it's your responsiblity to call to discuss. You will have to also place your order via the online "shop" to confirm all details of display, and you must finalize your package decisions within one month of dropoff. We also provide a courier service to pick up your bouquet from your wedding venue the night of or morning after your event.
  • How long does the process take?
    Preservation takes about 12 months from when you finalize your order, with slight variations dependent upon package. During busy season, brides tend to receive proofs around the year mark and finalization may take a bit longer. If you do not want to wait about a year for your flowers, I am not the company to use. My process is patient and careful. I will not rush nature.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    I take all forms of payment (cash, check, credit) and all forms of credit. If you would like to pay online I accept all credit cards and PayPal.
  • How long after my wedding can I wait before getting you the flowers?
    I recommend waiting no more than 3 days after your wedding to drop off your flowers for optimal results. Of course, if you wait a little longer, I can still work a little magic, but the quality and age of the flowers do affect your overall display results. Keep your flowers in fridge in water in between event and dropoff. Wet floral styrofoam is actuallly even better than water.
  • What kind of items can I put in my display?
    Put anything that's special and display-worthy! Many girls do invites, pictures, garters, favors, programs, headpieces, love notes/vows, cake toppers, memory charms. DO NOT put any special item that you'd like to pass down over the years, as most displays are sealed closed. Also, I will no longer work with unity candles.
  • Calling ahead of your event date to secure a courier or drop-off appointment is preferred. You must have an appointment to drop off your flowers. Courier pickup service is also available. 

  • Last minute pickups/dropoffs are accepted too (sometimes you don't realize how special your flowers are until you set eyes on them.) I'm flexible!

  • Feel free to request to fill out our order form ahead of time, or you can wait until dropoff to make decisions during your consultation. You have one month from your drop-off date to finalize your order and make final payment.

  • Browse the gallery of pictures or check out tons of pictures on Facebook or Instagram to get ideas for displays.

  • Gift cards are available! See the "Gift Card Packages" in the "Shop" section of the website.

  • Process takes about a year from the day you finalize your order. If you are unwilling to wait a year, I am not your girl. 

  • Packages range from $150-415, with additional costs for upgrades

  • All package prices include floral preservation + display choice.

  • Prices include display design consulting.

  • Smaller pieces (mini displays, jewelry, rosaries, ornaments) range from $25-$75.

  • See detailed pricing guides in our "Packages" or "Shop" sections.

  • I use a silica gel preservation, gluing, and acrylic color and clear coating process.

  • Some flower may slightly change in shade.

  • All preserved flowers risk fading from sun, humidity, and extreme heat. Our process attempts to prevent discoloration in proper conditions.

  • Some flowers shrink a bit in size through preservation.

  • Some flowers don’t work well with preservation: stephanotis, some orchids, berries, anemones, some greens, and succulents. I can use artificial replacements upon request.

  • I will artificially replace some greenery for some arrangements as needed.

  • I will contact you with pictures proofs for your review once the flowers are preserved and arranged in their display.

  • Process takes about 12 months from the date you finalize order.

Dropoff/Courier Service
  • About two weeks before your wedding/event, schedule a drop-off appointment or courier pickup service request (last-minute appointments are available); see "Schedule an Appointment" in menu.

  • Courier pickup service is available for Eastern Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk on the night of your event. Pay your deposit and courier fee, and we will come pick up your flowers at your venue.

  • Dropoff should be as soon after your event as possible (within three days is best).

  • Keep your bouquet and exposed stems in water in the fridge (do not put stem ribbon in water to avoid mold issues).

  • Bring $150+tax (cash/check/credit) non-refundable deposit and any event mementos for your display for drop-off. Balance is due when you finalize your package decisions (maximum time of 1 month from drop-off).

  • Mementos should be brought during dropoff, but if you need more time to decide on items, you have three months from your drop-off date to send them.

  • For most displays (not premades), I will contact you with picture options for your displayed mementos. I will not secure any item until I get approval from you, as long as you respond within a week from proof contact and 48 hours after all subsequent emails.

  • Once proof approval or 1 week of non-responsiveness, no changes can be made to the display setup. I reserve the right to make artistic choices involving the gluing process, which may result in small changes to the approved proof. We do not do proofs for small items or premade boxes.

  • Shadow boxes and domes are sealed closed. Boxes can be hung, but hanging hardware is not provided for any display.

  • The glass display cubes are not sealed, which leaves you the flexibility of arranging your own mementos if you choose.

  • Mementos must be dropped off on drop-off, or if you need more time, within 3 months from drop-off with proper form completed. All unused mementos will be returned to you. I will donate all vases/baskets/floral containers left behind.  

  • Process takes ABOUT 12 months from the day you finalize your order. Normally, you will receive proofs around the year point and the timeline depends on how many changes you may need.

  • After I contact you with a finalized information, you must arrange a pickup appointment within a month. After one month total, bouquet will be forfeited.

  • I will not store products for more than one month.

  • Final payment (cash/check/credit) is due 1 month from drop-off (when you select your package). Item would be paid in full upon pickup. If you do not finalize your order and payment. We will discontinue the preservation process on your flowers.

  • You will be charged $25 for a missed pickup appointment without 24-hour notice.

  • Purchaser assumes all responsibility for product upon pickup.

  • Due to customization of product, no returns/exchanges accepted. 

All clients using my services play an important role in the design of their displays

but in choosing to use my service, give me permission to exhibit my artistic choices in the preservatiom process.  

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