Some years are for growing, but this year is for blooming.

I promised myself in 2019, I would try to make sure I added a blog once a month, even if it's short and sweet, which will highlight one of the beautiful love stories that come my way through floral preservation. I literally get to be the book that holds a million short stories filled with so many beautiful, careful details that I get to display.

But this month, I'll start my blog goal off with my story, Don't Toss The Bouquet's story.

In October 2008, my hubby proposed to me. At Patchogue's L-Dock after a sub-par day of pumpkin picking and a fast food lunch that took hours. Sitting together at the L-dock wasn't something out of the ordinary for us, so when he asked to go down there for a little, I wasn't suspicious at all. I told him that I had to pee and we couldn't stay long.